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There are many different forms of bullying, including verbal, physical, sexual or psychological.  There are laws in place that schools are required to follow regarding bullying, but unfortunately, it does not always stop the attacks.  Hazing can cause serious injury or even wrongful death in some cases.  Protecting our children from bullying and hazing is so important, and if your child has been bullied or hazed you may be entitled to compensation.

Types of Cases our Chicago Bullying and Hazing Attorneys Handle

Our Chicago bullying and hazing lawyers have handled a variety of cases for our clients, including cases of:

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The Fitz Law Group has the knowledge, resources, and experience needed to handle challenging bullying and hazing cases.  We understand how difficult it can be for your child to come forward when they have been bullied or hazed, but it is so important that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions.  Cyberbullying has become an extremely popular form of bullying, with how prevalent technology and social media are.  The harmful effects of cyber-bullying are every bit as damaging to a child as other forms of bullying are.

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